About the Organisation

The Directorate of Small Savings aims to inculcate the habit of thrift and thereby enable the people to cater to their future financial needs in a prudent manner. Mobilise collection under different Small Savings schemes of the government through both post offices and banks which offer optimum returns and at the same time generate resources for execution of various developmental plans and projects of the Government.

As per requirement of the state 50% to 100% of the net collections under Small Savings is made available to the State by the Government of India as long term-soft loan. The long repayment schedule makes it an excellent resource of the State for investment towards improvement /development of infrastructure like Roads, Drinking water, Sewerage, Hospitals, Schools etc. In order to increase the resources, the State Government is taking all suitable efforts to mobilise Small Savings Collection.

In the present financial market, where a large number of private financial companies have disappeared, Small Savings offer the best and safest avenue of investment of household savings. Small Savings Scheme are guaranteed by Government and thus completely secure.

Organisation Setup:- Directorate of Small Savings is functioning as an composite Directorate under Finance Department. Addl. Chief Secretary Finance is the Head of the Department. Special Secretary, Finance Department is the ex-officio Director of Small Savings and Head of the Directorate. The structure of the Directorate of Small Savings is as follows:-

Director, Small Savings and Special Secretary to Govt.
Dy. Director, Small Savings-cum-Dy.Secy. to Govt.
Asst.Director, Small Savings-cum- Under Secretary to Govt.

District Small Savings Officer
    (At district level)

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Sub-Divisional Small Savings Officer
(at sub-divisional level)
Small Savings Officer
(at sub-divisional level)


Objectives of the organisation:- • To play a predominant role in inculcating the habit of Savings & Thrift among the General Public, Students, Employees in all Government & Private establishments. • To implement Small Savings Schemes through Post offices and Banks. • To mobilise Household Savings both in rural and urban areas of the State. • To mobilise Small Savings Collection from employees of Government and Private Sector through pay roll savings scheme. • To mobilise Small Savings Collection from I.T Payers through different Small Savings Schemes which offer I.T. rebate. • To appoint Small Savings agents both in urban and rural areas and monitor their performance as a means of employment and to provide door services to the investors. • To disseminate information about Small Savings to the every nook and corner of the State and to create awareness among the people with the help of media, newspaper, leaf-lets etc. • To implement & monitor special schemes of the Government of Odisha like Odisha Small Savings Incentive Scheme.

Mobilisation of small Savings in the State of Odisha from 1993-94 and onwards.

Year Annual Target Annual Net Collection
1 2 3
1993-94 239 187.35
1994-95 239 356.18
1995-96 335 296.86
1996-97 335 246.49
1997-98 348 353.34
1998-99 392 443.27
1999-2000 497 534.37
2000-01 592 646.91
2001-02 675 589.36
2002-03 603 747.73
2003-04 1000 1026.01
2004-05 1200 1266.01
2005-06 1487 1295.65
2006-07 1484 705.36
2007-08 1025 95.96
2008-09 600 193.64
2009-10 600 1011.1
2010-11 1111 1126.91
2011-12 1200 183.63
2012-13 600 510.1
2013-14 700 997.61
2014-15 1200 1204.86
2015-16 1400 2552.11
2016-17 2570 2361.27
2017-18 2600 2933.31
2018-19 3000 4089.14
2019-20 4150  


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